About Global Taxi

Why Global Taxi?

Luxury Ride at Standard Cab Rates

Why choose an economy car when you can get to your destination in style and comfort? All our vehicles offer an exceptional luxury usually reserved for expensive limousine services. We even offer complimentary water and snacks to make your trip that much more enjoyable. No need to settle for average!

Prompt, Courteous Service

Global Taxi prides itself on prompt and courteous service. You have a lot of choices for getting to your destination and we want to stand out by being where you need us when you need us. From our dispatchers to the drivers, you can always count on a pleasant, courteous service when you book with us!

Professional Drivers

Our drivers are screened and trained in person not through some online form. Background checks, in person interviews and ongoing training means you can count on a driver who does this for a living. Let’s face it, saving a few bucks isn’t worth the risk of getting a ride with an unsafe driver. We know each of our drivers personally so you can count on getting where you’re going safely. With Global Taxi, you’re not rolling the dice every time you get in the car!

Safe, Dependable Vehicles

Just like our drivers, we know each and everyone of our vehicles intimately. The foundation of the Global Taxi brand is our vehicles so you can bet we take good care of them. From cleaning inside and out to making sure everything is purring under the hood, we take great care to ensure our vehicles are safe and comfortable each time they hit the road!

Meet The Team

Moe Zaidiah, Co-owner

Moe has a background in corporate finance having worked for companies such as Uber, Charles Schwab, and Gilead Sciences. Moe decided to follow his entrepreneurial passion and start Global Taxi with fellow co-owners. The ownership team all share a belief that there was a need for a more luxurious taxi service while competing with traditional cab rates.

Sam, Co-owner

Sam has a background in finance, having worked for several large companies as an auditor and accountant. But the excitement of starting a new business and provide a value to Sonoma County residents was enough to persuade him to join this venture.

Francis, Co-owner

Francis is an entrepreneur who has run several businesses including and auto detail shop and taxi company. Like Moe and Same, Francis was anxious to provide a quality transportation option in the community he calls home.